Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh hello, Irene

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Aunt Irene is the kind of visitor that doesn't give you much warning that she's on her way but you better be prepared! She wasn't very nice during her brief stay this weekend, dousing us with buckets of water and throwing sticks and leaves around with wreckless abondon. Okay fine, she wasn't nearly as bad as all those weather guys made her out to be, but the way the bread and water aisles in the grocery store were emptied, you'd think the world was going to end. But at least we'd die happy with our water and sandwiches!

And this guy sure wasn't gonna run out of TP...which he conveniently "borrowed" through the back door of our local Bank of America. I guess when you need toilet paper, you need toilet paper. Who am I to question a man going about his business?

So yes, the 8 hours we went without electricity was devastating. I couldn't check my email. I couldn't watch a movie. I couldn't turn on my bathroom light. I couldn't mix a cake (gasp!). But somehow we all survived. And now that my emotional state is returning to its baseline, I'll be back in the baking scene again tomorrow!

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