Monday, August 22, 2011

My Hips Don't Lie

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It could possibly be that baking multiple cakes each week and having several taste-testing bites/slices has had a slight effect on my girlish figure. And unfortunately, my hips have decided to be painfully honest as of late and I think it's time to pick up that exercise routine again.

So in my ever-raging Battle of the Bulge, I've decided to set a lofty goal for myself. I will run the Baltimore Half Marathon this fall or die trying. Okay, maybe I'll skip the die part but my arteries will certainly have a pity party if I don't do something soon! And just so you know, running is not something I was ever very good at. I don't like sweating in public or having other people hear me pant like a dog as I scurry up the street. So, you may ask, why a half marathon? It just seems like the right thing to do. Or at least it did when I entered my credit card information on the registration page and hastily clicked "submit." But I see skinny jeans in my future!

And just in case intrinsic motivation is not quite enough, once I hit 8 miles I decided to reward myself with an awesome new pair of running shoes...and maybe a second pair of everyday shoes if the mood hits me (very likely). Two of the top contenders:

And once I actually run that stinkin half marathon, I will get myself a shiny new Kitchenaid to replace my currently moody little stand mixer.

Not so sure I'll go with the hot pink mixer, but color is good and I sure would love a glass bowl! But seriously. New shoes and the mixer of my dreams? Who wouldn't wanna run for that?

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