Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How Come You Taste So Good?

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I'd like to claim that my addiction to all things sweet is of recent onset. But that would by lying and I just don't do that (family, please contain your laughter and judge-y looks)...at least not about anything serious. I am a sugar junkie. I love to eat sugary treats, I love to look at pictures of sugary treats, I love to bake sugary treats and I love to pawn sugary treats off on unsuspecting friends. Really, it's a wonder I have any teeth left in my head at all.

When your roommate has to make a sticker chart to track her progress on cutting back to only one serving of your delectable baked goods per day, it may not be such a good sign. And since I have about five cakes sitting around my apartment at any given time (table, counter, fridge, freezer, my stomach...), I decided I better think of a few ways to thin out my own blood sugar levels while I still fit into my pants. Here are a few of my favorite ideas to make baking a little more worthwhile:
  • Drop off some dinner and dessert for a stressed out friend
  • Stop by an elderly neighbor's for a chat with some cookies and milk
  • Wake up your family with the scent of fresh hot cinnamon rolls
  • Donate cookie mixes in jars to a women's shelter
  • Organize a bake sale for a local charity
  • Teach a baking class at a residential center or nursing home
The thought really does count for something here, everything doesn't have to be homemade to matter. Just step back and look at your talents and abilities. There are so many ways we can enrich the lives of other people around us if we'll just take a little time to care!


  1. Honestly, Molly. I thought I taught you to clean your plate better than that.

    I'm so happy you still like to share your goodies. You always have! I'm sure you can think of 100 more reasons to bake if you try. :)

  2. And what did that yummy cake look like anyway?

  3. Oh, that was a delicious chocolate cake with pumpkin filling and spiced italian meringue buttercream! And it was delicious.


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