Monday, October 17, 2011

13.1 Miles? Done and Done.

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That's right. I am officially a Baltimore Half Marathon Champion! And I reached my goal to not only cross the finish line, but to do it in under 3 hours! Special thanks to Judy for our carb-load dinner the night before and an eggy breakfast sandwich at the crack of dawn.

And, ooh! Look at those awesome shoes! At first I was opposed to hot pink, but when it's combined with neon yellow, how could you possibly go wrong? They're totally 80-riffic!

Look how happy I am before we even started! It sure is a good thing we were hunching down so all our awesome running muscles would fit in the picture. And I'm sure we looked just as lovely after crossing that finish line, just plus a little more sweat.

Okay, fine. Besides emerging for bites of food and a few hours of church, I pretty much spent the rest of my weekend watching movies and sleeping. I think I earned myself a treat...or maybe that mixer!


  1. Okay, Molly, we think you are absolutely amazing! Go get that mixer!

  2. You have inspired me
    I think you are definitely an ANGEL.

  3. You are so sweet! It's so worth it to work that hard to get in shape...just think of all the treats you can eat when you're running regularly!


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