Monday, September 3, 2012

In Season: Plums

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Growing up, my dad would come whistling into our bedrooms early on Saturday mornings and try to guilt us out of bed to weed-whack the yard (we didn't have much grass, okay?), make a grocery store run or do "something productive."

And now suddenly, the grass can wait and we have enough cereal but heaven forbid we don't get to the Farmer's Market early enough! It's like the weekend would cease to exist without a bear claw (or two) and more fresh fruit and vegetables than two or three people can possibly consume in seven days.

And guess what? Plums are in season right now, so dig on into a bushel of juicy sugar plums, red plums, italian plums, black diamonds...there's about a million different kinds! The best time of year to dig into plums is May through October. Craving more than a simple mouthful of plums? Check out these tasty recipes:

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