Monday, September 26, 2011

International Potlouck

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Let's be honest. Family is important. Way important. In my church, families set aside one night each week as Family Home Evening. Pretty much what this means is the family gathers to do something that brings them closer can be spiritual, recreational, mental, whatever. I'm really not sure who wouldn't wanna spend time with my family, given the chance, we are quite amazing.

But between moving out of your parents' home and starting your own family, there's that period of singleness. Welcome to my life! Since many of us single people obviously can't hang out with our "real" families each week, a bunch of singles in the area get together to build friendships and to maintain/develop that pattern of FHE.

Tonight, we had an International Potluck.

Ghanaian Peanut Butter Soup with Rice
Arroz con Leche


Brazilian Cheese Rolls
Some kind of Latin America Layer Cake with Cream Cheese-ish Filling
Indian Cauliflower Curry
Kenyan Rice, Lentils and Something Else Good

Really I thought I had a lot more pictures than that, but I guess my hand got distracted by the fork that was constantly shoveling new and tasty things into my mouth. So much good food! If only I'd gotten my act together in time, I would have contributed a slightly sweet something with a deliciously high butter content. You know you wanna check back tomorrow for that!

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