Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Daring Bakers: Croissants

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That's right. I am now an official Daring Baker!

In case you just think that means I'm amazing (thank you, thank you), The Daring Bakers is an online community that challenges you to show off your baking prowess by creating a specific something that's new and delicious each month. During the month of September, the challenge was...(drum roll, please)...croissants!

I'm gonna try and break it to you gently: Pillsbury is leading you on. Believe it or not, these buttery little babies are a lot more time consuming than you'd imagine. They aren't really that hard, they just take forever, waiting for the dough to rise, rolling it out about 8000 times (and may I suggest investing in an actual rolling pin instead of thinking your cheap old self will be just fine using the side of a drinking glass), waiting some more and rolling some more and then finally shaping them into crescents.

They did turn out quite tasty, though. It's worth trying at least once, if for nothing else, so you can fully appreciate the deliciousness of a fresh, flaky, 350 degree croissant melting on your tongue. Yummy.

Sarah, one of my co-Daring Bakers and host of the Croissant challenge, posted some great step-by-step instructions with photos. She did a great job explaining everything, so I'm sure you'll have success, too. Happy croissant-ing!

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