Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Foodie PenPals Reveal!

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Back when I was kinda nerdy (no comments, please), I remember reading the back of the Boys' Life magazine (I have three brothers) and begging my parents to let me send away for those quail eggs and incubator. I had a great plan...they would hatch in my dresser drawer and follow me around everywhere and stay on the back porch, that I cleaned up all by myself, while I was at school. It was going to be perfect. But, for some reason, my parents didn't like that idea so much.

They did, however, go for the penpals idea from National Geographic Kids. That was a ton of fun! I got to send letters back and forth with new friends in Argentina and Louisiana. And now, thanks to Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean, I have the chance to participate in her Foodie Penpals Project! Each month, we get matched up with two different people to send or receive a package of sweet and savory foodie items---one person to mail a package to and another to receive a package from.

During October, I got an awesome package from Sonia of The Mexigarian. It was packed full of fudgy brownies and macarons and caramel dip and curry mix and Bob's Red Mill pancake mix and sundried tomatoes and fancy natural peanut butter and even more stuff! So, thanks again, Lindsay for organizing this each month and to Sonia for such fun surprises!

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