Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Rice Crispy Treats

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My Poppie always said that a good home always has marshmallows stocked in the cupboards. Let's just say my new fascination with gourmet rice crispy treats are only helping my cramped apartment become a cozy little home. With my new found love for all things browned butter, this idea seemed like the perfect way to jazz up an old favorite.

Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Rice Crispy Treats [click to print]
Makes about 16 super thick squares or 3 dozen normal size

4 T. unsalted butter
1 T. vanilla bean paste (OR seeds of 1 vanilla bean)
1/4 tsp. salt
10 oz. (one bag) marshmallows
5-1/2 c. rice crispies (or other puffed rice cereal)

For really thick squares, line 6x6" pan with parchment paper. For normal treats, line 8x8" pan. Pour rice crispies in large mixing bowl and set aside. 

First things first. Brown the butter, and no skimping here! Margarine won't give these treats a caramely flavor so use real butter, please! So, heat butter in saucepan on low until it turns a light brown, caramel color. It will bubble a lot and be noisy for a bit before it reaches a deep caramel color. Immediately add marshmallows and stir until well combined. Add salt and vanilla. 

Pour marshmallow mixture over rice crispies and turn with rubber scraper until evenly coated. Press into prepared pan with greased fingers and allow to cool. Cut into squares and enjoy!

Source: Adapted from Zoe Bakes


  1. I love how you wrapped it! And can I say, you've got me hooked on "brown butter" too!

  2. Thanks! I just used skinny strips of parchment paper (this stuff doesn't stick to the treats) and some baker's twine. Fun and easy way to dress them up!

  3. Ooh la la! I'll have to remember that cute trick!


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